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Leasing Finance EAD is a leasing company established in 2005.

Due to the experience gained through the years and the professional approach to its clients, Leasing Finance EAD has established itself as one of the leading leasing companies on the financial market in the country. As a member of the Bulgarian Association for Leasing (BAL), Leasing Finance has actively participated in the development of the leasing business climate and collaborates for the maximization of the trust of the present and future clients to the leasing companies.

Leasing Finance EAD relies on the individual approach in creating and maintaining good partnerships with its clients and suppliers.

Maintaining high competence and professionalism of its team, Leasing Finance EAD strives to justify the trust and prove its reliability to its clients.

Leasing Finance EAD offers the following leasing services:

• Cars, vans, trucks, passenger and specialized cars and vehicles

• Production lines, machines, facilities and equipment of the food, packaging, bottling, printing, wood and metalworking and other industries

• Construction and road construction machinery and equipment

• Medical and dental equipment

• Real estate leasing

You can get more information about the leasing services offered by Leasing Finance EAD by contacting us via the indicated telephone numbers and address.