Leasing Finance EAD finances Bulgarian legal entities working in various sectors of the economy for the purchase of brand new and used vehicles under the terms of financial leasing.

Main types of vehicles subject of financing:

Vans, Minibuses, Trucks, Dump Trucks, Bus, Trailers, Tractors and Semi-Trailers

The General Terms for financial leasing of vehicles:

Lessee: Bulgarian legal entities and foreign companies operating on the Bulgarian market.
Currency of financing: Euro
VAT payment: The customer can choose the option with payment of VAT on delivery of the asset or the option with monthly payment of VAT during the lease period.
Minimum advance payment: 20% of the purchase price for brand new vehicles and 30% for used vehicles, due upon signing the lease agreement.
Annual interest: Floating interest rate, based on BLIR plus margin. In the event of a change during the lease term, the repayment schedule is updated in accordance with this change.
Service fee: One-time, due upon signing the leasing contract.
Term of financing: From 12 to 60 months for brand new vehicles and from 12 to 48 months for used ones.
Lease payments: Annuities, payable monthly, quarterly or seasonally.
Standard collateral: The lessor remains the owner of the leased asset until full payment. Notarization of the lease agreement. Full property insurance of the asset for the lease period.
Response time: The standard term for consideration of leasing requests is up to 2 working days from the day of receipt of the full set of necessary documents.